My love for styling started way back from my younger age. I’ve been my own personal stylist for as long as I can remember but I’ve never had the courage to style other people. I’ve been modelling for 6 years now and only till October 2021 did I actually decide to start my styling career. I love Fashion as a whole, the creativity and implementation of it is what makes it worth while! It’s fun, enjoyable and boost yourself esteem. “When you talk about how an outfit makes you feel good about yourself” that’s me to the letter. Part of my goals is to style at an international Fashion show, and with God’s grace I will achieve it.

I am an upcoming stylist that is yet to spark up the industry with he’s creativity. Looking forward to working with the most prestigious and upcoming creatives in the industry/world! 

Don’t really have much to say for now but just be on the look out 😉 with the help of LMDA Team I hope to achieve that” thank you for listening to me for this brief moment!”