My drive and passion towards makeup came from a later stage in life. Growing up I gravitated towards fine arts and achieved multiple awards in and out of school. After school I continued to love art but did not pursue in any further than a hobby, I went on in studying Geography and Environmental Science however I knew there was something missing. I later found a major interest in makeup as it was a form of art and expression. Through the years I perfected my techniques as a freelance artist; the makeup world is always changing so I am always adapting and adding something new to my knowledge. I began my makeup career at the age of 19, a highlight by far would be working at the AFI FASHION WEEK along some of the most talented artists in South Africa.

In my eyes beauty does not equal pain, that’s why I pride myself in adapting to cruelty free makeup and products that do not impact the environment. I love beauty in every form possible, my previous studies and background have made me very self conscious on the impact I as an individual put on this beautiful planet.

I am a driven young artist who can push myself to excel. I believe there is always room for improvement, which is why I pride myself in every little achievement.