Having discovered a love for all things art at a young age, Tiffany has been experimenting with different mediums of creative expression since as far back as she can remember. After school, she set out to study fashion design, where she developed an appreciation for context, perception, texture, and precision. After her final year, she decided to study makeup for some variation, which for her was a medium between sculpting and painting, and fell in love with the art. She graduated and won the first avant garde makeup competition she entered, and started working for MAC cosmetics, where she stayed for a year and a half, quitting just before leaving to summit Kilimanjaro in December 2011 so she could focus on her expanding freelance career in fashion and media, working in stills, film and live productions, as well as bridal and events makeup.

Being artistically driven, her strengths lie across varying styles, especially beauty, avant garde, fantasy and drag. She gained an interest in hair styling while on the job, often out of desperation on smaller sets, and has become adept at creating a wide variety of styles with all hair textures, which she views as another artistic medium. Some of her most memorable clients include Coca Cola, FNB, Carolina Herrera, Heineken, Adidas and the mini-series Madiba, along with a long list of South African musicians, TV personalities, artists, influencers and fashion designers.

Beauty and its ever-changing face, what the word itself meant and the world’s obsession with it, has always been a fascinating subject to her, as well as nature’s subtle, juxtaposed and intricate compositions. Her makeup ethos is to preserve the line between “they are so beautiful” and “their makeup is so beautiful” – there is natural beauty in every face, and her ideal application is one that celebrates it, without taking away from that unique brand of beauty, no matter the makeup style. She has most recently developed this ethos into a series of focused, needs-based workshops for people of all genders, ages and races, centered around why versus how, refining skills without overcomplicating things for the level her clients are at – exactly as makeup should be.